About Us

Crossroads Education (CRE) is an education technology and professional services company based in Indiana. CRE was formed from the successes of the Learning Commons models that Dr. Kevin Berkopes and his passionate peer educators started at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The Learning Commons model is a technology-augmented, peer-enabled learning platform for core-curriculum content domains. The Learning Commons was designed as a result of understanding the needs of the education system and its resistance to change.

What we do

We build Learning Commons

Our open-access learning centers, known as Learning Commons, support your instructors and give your students the opportunity to receive individualized help through peer-to-peer collaboration. We work alongside you to build, staff, and run your centers.

We provide technology

We offer technology to complement your Learning Commons by creating software in-house and by partnering with existing products. From managing your Learning Commons to providing a virtual collaboration space for your students, we’ve got you covered.

Entrepreneur. Leader. Founder. CEO.

Kevin Berkopes, CRE founder and CEO, has been experimenting with what is possible in education for over 15 years. His pragmatic approach to education was formulated through combined degrees from Purdue University and the University of Texas at Austin, together with years of teaching experience. Through teaching, he learned about the diverse needs within education, from primary schools in rural areas to universities in urban cities, and realized that equitable success requires more than passion.

Meet the team

Erik Weitnauer


Taylor Morrison

Grant Manager

Nathalie Kroeker

Software Engineer

Kelly Nauert

Lead UI/UX Designer

Ricky Sanderson

UI/UX Designer

Miriah Remy

UX Designer

Marian Bibb

Executive LC Director

Julie Wall

LC Director

Daniel Saunders

LC Director

Kayci Troyer

LC Director

Parker Leisure

LC Director

Ishmael White

LC Director

Cameron Sheperd

LC Director

Elizabeth Dewes

LC Director

Not Pictured

Nigel Long

LC Director

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