Crossroads is dedicated to improving the education system through the design of collaborative learning spaces and the creation of digital education tools.

Crossroads Education is a company with a vision of improving the education system. We create and integrate existing innovations in technology to improve the logistics of educating students at all levels. Our methodology, including parsing first-access and second-access to content, builds collaborative learning spaces that shift the responsibility of learning to the collective rather than just on the classroom teacher or professor. This is the Learning Commons Model, and it's the heart of our company and the inspiration behind all of our products.

Our proven models for learning centers at Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI): the Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) and Statistics Assistance Center (MAC Stat) are industry standards for how to achieve an equitable scale of quality content and support.

So, long story short...

We build learning centers

We help administrators and educators build and implement a Learning Commons learning center in their schools. We provide ongoing support for training and developing their team, as well as help to create an individual brand and educational assets.

We build technology for learning centers

We build technology to help learning centers run smoothly, and also created a digital learning space that mimics our physical Learning Commons. Our software was made to compliment our learning centers, but it can be used for a lot more.

Farmer. Professor. Founder. CEO.

Crossroads Education was formed as the result of 15 years of experimenting with what is possible in education. Dr. Kevin Berkopes, the Founder and CEO of Crossroads, formulated his pragmatic approach through coupling degrees from top 30 mathematics departments of Purdue University and the University of Texas at Austin, along with years of public and private teaching experience. Whether it was teaching in the high density urban areas of Chicago or the rural towns of North Carolina, elementary school students or college undergrads, he realized that it takes much more than passion to achieve scale and achieve equitable success in education.

Meet the team

Alex Hicks

Senior Software Engineer

Brian Huntley

Software Engineer

Matt Neal

Software Engineer

Nathalie Kroeker

Software Engineer

Kelly Nauert

Senior UX Designer

Ricky Sanderson

UX Designer

Miriah Remy

Senior Field and Experience Designer

Marian Delee

Field and Experience Designer

Julie Kramer

Field and Experience Designer

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