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Run powerful custom queries to track the success of your learning center through analyzing student visits by professor, class, and more.

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Home sweet home

A live overview of your learning center’s most important stats—such as visit counts, visit duration, and your center’s current capacity—are instantly available on the homepage, both on the web and from your phone.

Track your traffic

Automated tracking

Tracking the success of your learning center starts by collecting your student visit data. We make this easy by creating an individualized sign-in screen for your learning center, available near the front of your space at a computer. Pre-existing visit data will be imported to your new system, so switching is painless.

Context tracking

A custom list of classes, or reasons for visiting, can be provided at sign-in, giving you context on the data you collect.

See your visits

View and adjust

The visit log lists all your learning center visits and allows you to manually adjust entries or add new ones if a student forgets to sign in or out.

Sort and filter

Visits can be filtered and sorted by a variety of attributes, so quick insights can be made without running a query.

Build your query

Easily get the data you're interested in

The query builder allows you to craft custom queries from your query data by using five base query types to work from. Query types vary in availability depending on the user’s permission level.

Find what you need, fast

Mix and match attribute categories, select single or entire data sets, and define date ranges to the get the results you need. Attributes are user specific, meaning directors, professors, and students only see data relevant to them.

Interactive results

Your query results are presented as interactive graphs with live filtering and different graph views. Results are saved automatically and can be printed, downloaded as a CSV., or edited in the query builder at any time.

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