Bring students together through your Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is an open-access, collaborative learning space that encourages authentic learning and content development. The Learning Commons is about shifting the culture of our traditional learning systems, driven by peer-to-peer collaboration augmented through the use of technology

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Disrupt the system

The Learning Commons (LC) model shifts the logistics of our most traditional educative settings. Formal work with the teacher/professor is important, but should no longer be recognized as the sole mechanism for providing students with access to content.

We engage professors/teachers, students, and community stakeholders to work together to create a safe, comfortable culture that combats the debilitating high-stakes culture of our current world. Our results suggest that when students feel empowered, they learn more and are even more successful in their education.

The heart of our model are open-access collaborative spaces that drive the culture for collaboration in your educative setting.

A culture of collaboration

Student mentors

The best way to learn anything is to teach. Peer mentors act as a secondary teaching workforce in our partner's learning environments.

Mentor rewards

Incentivize students to become mentors by offering class credits, reward programs, scholarships, or pay.

Mentor training

Mentors are trained on the most cutting-edge content and pedagogy. We believe that peer mentors can be a highly trained and highly impactful workforce in our schools.

Your Learning Commons

Location and size

Open-access learning centers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether you want to build a new building on your campus or transform and existing space, we will work with you to co-design the space that meets your needs.

Already have a learning center? We will conduct a co-design research study to assess the functionality of the space and work with your team to make sure you are getting the most out of your operations and services.

Budget and style

Different clients have different budgets, priorities, and styles. We will make sure that your learning commons fits your teams vision for your space.

We will work with preferred vendors, or provide our own to create a unique and comfortable environment for your students.

An employee lounge, coffee bar, and management offices are great additions to your learning center, but whiteboard walls and comfy seating can be great on their own. It’s entirely up to you.

When and how

How and when your commons operates will depend on the priorities for the space. We’ll help you find a solution that benefits your students, your teachers, and your school.

Crafting your Learning Commons

1 | Discover

We come to your location and use in-the-field ethnographic research strategies to get a comprehensive overview of the culture and behavior of your users.

2 | Analyze

We analyze patterns in your users’ behaviors to find challenges and pain points in order to establish user goals, expectations, and user personas.

3 | Define

Using the data collected so far, we define the challenges of the project and then create a comprehensive overview of what our design will solve.

4 | Ideate

We use our defined challenges and analyzed data to generate as many solutions as possible using a divergent thinking process, which includes potential users.

5 | Iterate

The best characteristics from our solutions are pulled together and used to create prototypes. The prototypes are tested with users, and their feedback is used to improve the solution further.

6 | Finalize

A final document and mock-up of your commons is created for you for review. We synthesize everything into actionable items and then provide you with goals for next steps after the physical build.