Our Learning Commons

Our work at Crossroads Education recognizes teaching as a powerful mechanism to learn and develop expertise around content. Each Learning Commons that we build is constructed with the culture of learning from peers through the process of collaboration and teaching. We believe the culture of collaboration is imperative to the success of the model and is the future of the education system. The Learning Commons culture and design pays attention to the needs of the students that we design our spaces for—we seek to design inspiring spaces that pay attention to the basic needs of what helps young people thrive.

Learning Commons run by Crossroads

Central Christian Academy

LCD: Elizabeth Dewes

Opened: Fall 2019

Matchbook Learning

LCD: Julie Wall

Opened: Spring 2019

Vanguard Collegiate

LCD: Daniel Saunders

Opened: Fall 2018

Global Preparatory Academy

LCD: Nigel Long

Opened: Fall 2019

Austin High School

LCD: Ishmael White

Opened: Fall 2019

Ignite Achievement Academy

LCD: Cameron Sheperd

Opened: Spring 2019

Paramount School of Excellence

LCD: Kayci Troyer

Opened: Fall 2019

Learning Commons activated by Crossroads

Ivy Tech Bloomington

LCD: Melissa Ruth Shope

Opened: Summer 2019

Ivy Tech Lafayette

LCD: Kristen Oakes

Opened: Summer 2019

Ivy Tech Muncie

LCD: Emery Peck

Opened: Spring 2019

Photos of our LCs

Ivy Tech Bloomington Before

Ivy Tech Bloomington After

Ivy Tech Lafayette Before

Ivy Tech Lafayette After