Nexus, your virtual learning center

Replicate the culture of your learning commons in the digital space. Connect your students to high quality content and support regardless of the geographic location. Nexus also builds a crowd-sourced knowledge base of archived collaborative sessions that will allow our clients to build and curate their own content.

All Crossroads products are web applications. No downloads. Instant updates. Forever.

Your students' virtual space

It starts with a question

All students must do is ask a question and they’re immediately shown virtual tables filled with their peers online at that moment, categorized by class or content. Our algorithm prioritizes tables filled with students who are asking the same kind of questions, so when a table is joined everyone there is working on something similar.

Filling in the gaps

By working on one question at a time, students can collaboratively find solutions by combining their knowledge—all while drawing, writing, and sharing ideas on the same whiteboard.

Incubate a love for teaching

Student mentors

Students who are eager to teach and have a firm understanding of a subject can be made mentors. We can help you create rigorous, but fair, testing applications to guarantee that your school’s Nexus is staffed by your brightest students.

Great responsibility

Mentors join tables within their areas of knowledge and offer help to their peers when needed. Mentors also moderate tables, keeping students focused and friendly.

Real-world benefits

Incentivize students to become mentors by offering class credits, reward programs, scholarships, or pay in exchange for keeping your instance of Nexus running smoothly.

Introducing your knowledge base

Student mentors

When your students ask a question they’re not just getting access to live tutors and peers asking similar questions, they're getting access to the Knowledge Base recordings of every similar question that’s been answered by their peers.

Instant playback

Every time a student gets their question answered on Nexus, that session is saved to you Knowledge Base as a video. Every step, drawing, and equation is available for other students to learn from, with time markers indicating important events.