Crossroads Education believes in the power of augmenting education through technology. Our in-house development team designs software specific to the Learning Commons (LC) model and also partners with existing technology to provide schools with intuitive tools to teach students and manage LCs.

All Crossroads products are web applications. No downloads. Instant updates. Forever.

Proprietary Software

Nexus: Virtual LC

Nexus is a virtual space that mimics the collaborative nature of a Learning Commons. Students join tables where they can ask questions and work together on a shared whiteboard. Regardless of location, your Learning Commons tutors can provide assistance to students through Nexus. All questions are recorded as videos, so your students can build and access their own community Knowledge Base.

Nexus' unique combination of student tutors, peer-collaboration, and community content make it a universal tool for every student in your school, no matter their personal situation.

Element: LC Management

Element is a management tool designed to address the needs of operating a Learning Commons and is included with both the OPM and Launch licenses.

Directors manage employees, create work schedules, and check tutor timesheets with Element. Tutors can set their availability, see their schedules, and clock in and out for their shifts from within the app.

Students sign in and out at a public computer in the LC, which ties that visit to Element. This visit log allows LC Directors and school administration to analyze the success of their Learning Commons with data summaries and advanced filtering. Students and instructors also have access to a log of their own data, which means Element’s visit tracking benefits everyone at your school.

Partnering Technology

Graspable Math

Graspable Math (GM) is a digital algebra notation tool where students and educators can interact with algebraic expressions, equations, and graphs.

Students can rearrange expressions and solve problems by dragging terms inside of the GM canvas. By making the numbers tangible GM provides immediate step-by-step feedback to students, creating a space for them to explore, take risks, and build confidence.

Touch Screens

Large touch screens are a common tool that we integrate into our LCs. They allow students to work together in Graspable Math, and provide peer-tutors a large space to work within Nexus’ whiteboard. The screens are also useful for displaying content when staff or students wish to use the LC for meetings.

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